Jan 25, 2024

Exciting Mortgage News for Homebuyers

Great news for customers who are aspiring to own a new Kendrick home. Nationwide Building Society has recently implemented significant reductions in mortgage rates as reported by The Guardian on January 23, 2024. Nationwide’s decision to cut rates by up to 0.81 percentage points places the building society at the forefront of the best-buy tables. This strategic move aligns with a broader trend in the financial sector, where institutions are engaged in a competitive rate war to make fixed-rate deals more accessible.

We recognise the profound impact this development can have on potential homebuyers. The new mortgage rates, starting at 3.84%, the lowest in eight months, present a unique window of opportunity for those contemplating homeownership. As we always strive to provide a seamless and fulfilling experience for our customers, we view this as an optimal time for individuals and families to take a step towards realising their dream of owning a home.

Managing Director James Rennison said,

‘Nationwide’s recent adjustments in mortgage rates align perfectly with our commitment to making luxury living accessible. We understand the significance of this moment for aspiring homeowners and are eager to guide them through the process of finding their perfect home.”

The coverage by The Guardian serves as a catalyst for Kendrick Homes to reiterate its dedication to offering more than just residences. With a diverse portfolio of luxurious properties tailored to meet various preferences and needs, Kendrick Homes invites potential buyers to explore a range of options that complement the current favorable mortgage rate environment.

James adds:

“Imagine the possibilities of acquiring your dream home with these unprecedented mortgage rates. It goes beyond financial considerations; it’s about opening doors to a new life with less worry, from a financial security and new home perspective.”

Known for our craftsmanship and attention to detail, we are ready to guide our customers through the journey of turning homeownership dreams into reality. Our sales suites are open Thursday to Monday, 10am – 4pm, we’d be delighted for you to engage with our dedicated sales team to explore the possibilities of a new Kendrick Home.