May 29, 2023

Insulation in a new build home

High performance home insulation is an essential component of energy-efficient homes, and it’s a key feature of all Kendrick Homes. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and sustainability is reflected in the energy-saving benefits of our homes.

By insulating your home properly, you can significantly reduce energy costs and improve the comfort and air quality of your living space. Here are some of the benefits and virtues of high performance home insulation:

  • Energy Efficiency: High performance insulation can help reduce energy bills by keeping the temperature in your home stable, without overworking your heating or cooling systems. This means less energy consumption and less money spent on utilities.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Insulating your home can also create a more comfortable living space, reducing drafts, cold spots, and humidity levels. This can lead to better indoor air quality and overall wellness.
  • Noise Reduction: Good insulation can also help reduce outside noise, keeping your home quieter and more peaceful.

At Kendrick Homes, we also take air leakage seriously. We test all our homes for air leakage to ensure that they are energy-efficient and free of drafts. This involves using specialized equipment to identify areas where air is entering or escaping the home, and then addressing those issues through sealing and insulation.

In addition to high-performance insulation and air leakage testing, all Kendrick Homes feature double glazed windows. Double glazing helps to reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency, making it an essential feature for any energy-efficient home.

By investing in a Kendrick Home, you can enjoy the long-term benefits of energy-efficient living. Not only will you save money on your heating and electricity bills, but you’ll also be doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

In summary, if you’re in the market for a new build home, you can’t go wrong with a Kendrick Home. Our commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability, and quality craftsmanship is reflected in every aspect of our homes, from the high-performance insulation to the air leakage testing and double glazed windows. With a Kendrick Home, you can enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient living space for years to come, while also saving money on your energy bills.